pablo the clown

An e-book by tom mahon

There was a sad lad who wore a big frown
Where ‘ere he went, both up and down town.
His neighbors would tempt him with ice cream and gum,
But naught made him smile.  He was ever so glum.

They bought him a pony, a triceratops,
A big ball of earwax, a box of gumdrops.
They hired a band, a troupe of fine actors,
Even Kermie and Piggy, but none of those factors

Could yet put a smile on the little lad’s face.
‘Twas a pity, a problem and, yes, a disgrace.
For this little boy lost had a heart big as Texas,
But deep down inside he was missing his nexus.

Then one day sad-lad, while walking the street-o, 
Met a happy young boy nicknamed ‘Dieguito’.
“Why do you frown, look forlorn and so sappy?
Did you lose your best friend, or your very own pappy?”
“Ah so,” said sad-lad, “and that is my issue,
For friends, I have none.  Please hand me a tissue.”
“Where’d they all go to?” inquired Diego,
“Did they all move to Cleveland, or maybe Oswego?”

“Oh, people are kindly, give me ice cream and earwax,
But when I need true friends, they all turn their backs.
When people give presents but withhold their heart,
To my way of thinking it keeps us apart.

“I have gizmos and gadgets and gumdrops galore,
But I feel something’s missing.  I need something more.
For I’ve no one to talk with, and no one will listen.”
And the tears in his eyes started once more to glisten.

“I’ve nothing to give you ‘cept half of my apple,                   
And the final few drops from my bottle of Snapple.            
But much more than that,” said young Dieguito,
“I offer my friendship, where ‘ere you or I go.”…

The rest of the tale of how this sad-lad became a great clown, as a result of meeting Diego, can be purchased as an e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore, Google’s eBookstore, and on tablets with free apps for those sites, for $1.99.  


The Adventures of Pablo The Clown tells the story of how a sad lad became a great clown of renown through the love and the kindness of his good friend Diego.   Illustrated with glass figures created by Tom.

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